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We know you are concerned about climate change, clean air, and a clean energy future! We also know that some of you lost hope when Duke Energy broke ground on Cliffside. Do not despair! We are convinced that the majority of Americans want the same things that you do. We are acting on many fronts. Litigation is proceeding both at the Federal and State levels. Citizen action is crucial. Climate change is democracy’s biggest challenge. There are many ways to participate.

  1. Duke Energy is having its annual shareholders meeting in Charlotte, NC, on Thursday, May 8th. Join us to tell Jim Rogers and the Board of Directors of Duke Energy that coal is risky business and demand that the company stop cliffside! Come to Charlotte, bring your friends, and be ready to make a ruckus! Bring a sign. Help us pamphlet. Show up at 9 am at Duke headquarters, 526 S Church St.
  2. If you are a shareholder, please let us know. Contact Pete MacDowell at petemacdowell@nc.rr.com Some housing will be available.
  3. If neither of the above is possible, please join our Citizens Cliffside Campaign. You can be part of the solution – public momentum is building that will eventually force Duke Energy and our politicians to realize there is a safer and better way into a sustainable energy future. All the information you need to participate in the Citizens Cliffside Campaing is on our website www.stopcliffside.org.

When: Thursday, May 8, 9 a.m.
Where: Duke headquarters, 526 S Church St., Charlotte, NC


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