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Over at EcoGeek, there’s an article about a solar company whose goal is to make their solar installations as cheap as the current costs per kilowatt of coal. Granted, nothing is as expensive as coal’s embodied cost.

Sunrgi hopes to reduce the price of solar power to $0.05/kW through the use of their “Extreme Concentrated Photovoltaics.” Basically, they’re concentrating the amount of light that reaches the PVs by putting large magnifying glasses above them. Sunrgi explains the technology a bit further here. Sunrgi has also created a cooling system for their installation, so buyers won’t have to worry about the PVs heating up to extreme temperatures.

For the sake of our planet, I hope Sunrgi reaches its goal. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to install one of their systems atop the SAC, or the new student union.

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