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I saw my first clean coal shirt and hat today.

A few of my friends and I decided to go vote after attending the Joe Biden rally on campus. As we were waiting in line, a tall fellow stood in line behind us, and I noticed that he was wearing a blue shirt that said, “Clean Coal: America’s Power.” The shirt also had on it a coal briquette with a plug protruding from it. It was the first clean coal shirt I had seen in person, and along with it, the fellow also had the white hat with block letters that said, “Clean Coal.”

I asked the fellow where he got the shirt, and he said that someone came up to him and asked if he was cold, to which he replied, “Yes.” The person then gave him a clean coal shirt and hat.

I then asked him how much he knew about clean coal, and coal in general, and he said, “All coal is dirty.” We then talked a little bit about other solutions, and while he wasn’t completely convinced that wind and solar could provide all the energy that we needed, but he was convinced that we had to move in a different direction. He also knew about mountaintop removal coal mining. After we talked energy, we began talking about the humor of elections, and other subjects.

Americans for Balanced Energy Choices just wasted another t-shirt and hat, it seems.

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