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The Nation on Power Vote

See what The Nation, a liberal news magazine, has to say about Power Vote here:


Power Vote article on The Nation’s Web site

Since we’re trying to rock the Power Vote on our campus, thought you guys would like to read what some other folks think about the movement.


Whether you sign up for the Power Vote movement, or not (though we hope you do), be sure to do us all (including yourself) one favor: VOTE.

Early voting will begin on campus October 16. It’s unclear whether the voting booths will be in Atkins or Cone, so stay tuned!

Also in voting news, the Sierra Club’s October meeting will offer voting advice for those wishing to vote green. I’ll post more on that meeting in my next Earth Club blog post.

Power Vote!

Power Vote
Earth Day is over and you’re wondering what’s next? POWER VOTE! – A campaign of the Energy Action Coalition – will harness the power of over 1 million young voters to hold our elected officials accountable to the climate!! Sign the pledge, invite your friends, join the movement!


In November 2007 Energy Action Coalition brought thousands of young people together in Washington, DC to demand a Power Shift within our government. Thousands of youth met with representatives from nearly every district to demand bold solutions on climate change.

But we need more than thousands to win this fight. We need millions of young people committed to creating a better, healthier, more just, and sustainable future.

Through Power Vote we are doing just that. We are building a youth voter bloc 1 million strong to demand bold federal climate legislation, a moratorium on coal and other dirty energy, and to create millions of good, green jobs. Youth will start by signing our Power Vote pledge and then get plugged into the incredible youth climate movement sweeping the nation.

Sign the Power Vote pledge and declare to the candidates, that come November, you’ll be voting for a just, sustainable and clean energy future!

Sign the pledge at http://www.powervote.org

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